G.I. Jane

Those of you who did not grow up on G.I. Joes when you were growing up, I pity you. Anyways, the top is a sketch of Lady Jay and the bottom two of Scarlet. Both of whom I wanted to marry.


Anonymous said…
Lady Jay looks like Lindsay! Awesome drawings of beautiful women!
Anonymous said…
I like your middle drawing of Scarlet; nothing like a sexy woman having control over a man!
thanks, anonymous. a lot of people say that my women look like lindsay. which is the awesome.
Skullbaby said…
Gi jOe chick are foxy.

Nice moves, bruvah! Good sketches.
Membloggy said…
Oh man! The love stories in GI JOE ...Scarlet was first kinda hot for duke and hawk before snake eyes gave her the silent treatment and saved her life like 5 times!
And lady jay, well yeah, my man flint put that in lock down w/ a quickness.
Nice drawings!gotta color the scarlet....hubba.
e.pun said…
You know Jordon.... those are very cool pics.

And knowing is half the battle! G.I. JOE!!!

sorry... have to do that.