Dr. Sketchys Anti-Art School

One of my early sketches of the night.
Travis sketching with his new buddy, Elvis.
I'm concentrating real hard...with a beer.
Mine and Travis's final drawings.
In the end there was a contest for the best drawing. Of course, Travis was the winner.

Travis and I went to a life drawing session that is wholly unique. The model was
Sydni Deveraux "the Chocolate Glamazon", a popular burlesque dancer. Check out the rest of the
pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/csb13/3048265238/in/set-72157609609870889/

and check out their website here: http://drsketchyseattle.com/


Nice dude, looks like a lot of fun! I wanna see a good big scan of your sketches!
memodiazart said…
Great stuff, Jordan!Glad to see you and Travis doing what the Bros do best.Drawing and funtimes.